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[AIG]   Investing In Post-Lehman World  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Sep-19 10:34
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's August Taxable Account Update: MLP Update  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Sep-19 08:41
[MTG, RDN]   Be Smarter Than Warren Buffett: Buy Mortgage Insurance Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Aug-19 12:32
[GNW, AIG]   July High Even More Divergent For Financials (Video)  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Aug-19 10:23
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's July Taxable Account Update: Looking To The VIX Index  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Aug-19 15:09
[MTG, RDN]   Mortgage Insurers: Great Q2, Don't Ignore These Super Value Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Aug-19 11:05
[GNW]   Genworth Financial: The Impending Liquidity Event Makes The Senior Notes Appealing  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Aug-19 09:15
[AIG]   Higher Yield Might Not Always Equal Lesser Returns For Retirees  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jul-19 03:46
[MTG]   MGIC's Q2 Is Excellent. The Stock Remains Cheap, Even To Liquidation Value  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jul-19 23:31
[FAF]   Sundial Growers Proposes Terms For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jul-19 13:12
[MTG, RDN]   Be An Early Investor In Mortgage Insurance Stocks, Ahead Of Next Week's Earnings  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Jul-19 00:01
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's June Taxable Account Update: The Danger Of Making Assumptions  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jul-19 12:45
[AIG]   AIG - Overall Upward Trend Far From Over, Perfect Time To Buy The Dip  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Jun-19 11:38
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's May Taxable Account Update: Monthly Income Record  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jun-19 07:00
[MTG, RDN]   A Mortgage Insurer Sum-Of-The-Parts Valuation Underscores How Cheap They Are  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jun-19 23:39
[GNW]   Genworth: Merger In Jeopardy  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Jun-19 11:30
[GNW]   Merger Arbitrage Mondays - Cypress Semiconductor Deal Speculation Confirmed  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Jun-19 11:06
[GNW]   Is Genworth Financial, Inc. An Undervalued Gem Or A Value Trap?  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jun-19 17:20
[FAF]   Investor Alert: Kaplan Fox Investigates First American Financial Corp. (NYSE: FAF)  (PR Newswire)   29-May-19 13:28
[RDN]   Intelligent Capital Allocation Drives Outperformance  (Seeking Alpha)   24-May-19 11:40
[AIG]   Financials And Real Estate Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   17-May-19 18:30
[MBI]   Puerto Rico Aside, Assured Guaranty Is A Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-19 09:58
[MTG]   The Misunderstood Stock Buyback, Or Why I Really Like MGIC, Ally Bank And American Airlines  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-19 06:57
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's April Taxable Account Update: Tariff Wars Create Some Interesting Discounts  (Seeking Alpha)   8-May-19 14:46
[MTG, RDN]   Essent: The Essential Value  (Seeking Alpha)   1-May-19 21:05
[ORI]   Old Republic International: Long-Term Income Play Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Apr-19 16:45
[MTG]   Q1 Earnings Show That MGIC Stock Has A Ways To Go  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Apr-19 03:36
[ORI]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's March Taxable Account Update - Tax Season  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Apr-19 12:48
[AIG]   IPO Update: Palomar Holdings Aims For $90 Million IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Apr-19 14:52
[AIG]   American International Group: A 5.85% Preferred Stock From The Insurer  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Mar-19 08:32
[AIG]   Palomar Holdings Files For $50 Million IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Mar-19 14:01
[ORI]   John And Jane - February Taxable Account Update - Building Up Cash Just Makes Sense  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Mar-19 09:20
[GNW]   Will The Genworth Financial - China Oceanwide Deal Go Through?  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Mar-19 10:17
[MTG, RDN]   The Mortgage Insurer Stock Rally Has A Long Way To Go, Great Defense, And An Improving Offense  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Mar-19 09:45
[FAF]   There Is More Value In The Finance Sector Than In Any Other Sector: Part 9  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Mar-19 18:20
[AIG]   5 Safe And Cheap Dividend Stocks To Invest This Month (Retirement Series)  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Feb-19 09:00
[ORI]   John And Jane - January Taxable Account Update - Taking A Fresh Approach To Dividend Investing  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Feb-19 20:06
[ORI]   John's FY-2018 Dividend Income Totals - Positioning The Portfolio For Success In 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jan-19 08:32
[RDN, MTG]   MGIC - Q4 Results Show How Wrong Mr. Market Is, Buy This Stock  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jan-19 14:07
[ORI]   Jane's FY-2018 Dividend Income Totals - Why Being Patient Pays  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jan-19 08:33
[AIG]   Financials And Real Estate Valuations - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jan-19 17:42
[HNW]   11.1% Yielding Portfolio With Good Coverage And Decent Growth Prospects  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Jan-19 11:35
[ORI]   John And Jane's Taxable Account  Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - The Apple Effect  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jan-19 16:28
[RDN]   The Mortgage Insurers. What Mr. Market Is Thinking About Them. And Why Mr. Market Is Wrong.  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-19 14:03
[AIG]   Voya Financial's Discount To Book With High ROIC Makes Little Sense  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jan-19 05:00
[AIG]   The S&P 500 And You: Why Most Investors Did Not Beat The Market In 2018  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Dec-18 13:24
[ORI]   John And Jane's October Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - Taxable Account  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Dec-18 08:18
[RDN, MTG]   Mortgage Insurance Stocks - It's Go Time  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Dec-18 12:14
[ORI]   High Yield Dividend Champion Portfolio December Update  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Dec-18 02:32
[AIG]   Using Covered Calls To Sell My AIG  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Nov-18 13:16

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