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[ORCL]   These High-Quality Stocks Are Yielding More Than The Treasury Bond And Growing Dividends At Double Digits  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Aug-19 15:57
[ORCL]   It's 'He Said Xi Said', Market Shakes It Off. Ignore; Stick To The Discipline  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Aug-19 10:13
[ORCL]   Executive Interview Series: Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President Of Oracle Applications  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Aug-19 13:30
[ORCL]   The SKYY Is Falling: Microsoft's Azure Is Turning Grey (Video)  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Aug-19 09:00
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Get In The Game  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Aug-19 02:29
[ATVI, EA]   I Predicted Yesterday's Sell-Off. In Fact, I Was Modeling This From June. What To Do Now  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Aug-19 09:17
[EA]   Electronic Arts' Valuation Is Out Of Touch With Its Financials And Prospects  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Aug-19 08:51
[EA]   Names You Can Buy Before The Rate Cut; Also, Boo Apple, Yes, I Diss  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Jul-19 08:53
[ATVI, EA]   Buy Activision Blizzard Before Earnings  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jul-19 08:15
[ATVI, EA]   Looking At Signs That The Market Is Stalling Out. Sell Before Powell's Interest Rate Cut News  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 08:33
[ORCL]   First, My Analysis Said Alphabet Returns To Highs; Then The Charts Confirmed  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jul-19 09:54
[ATVI, EA]   Why Video Game Companies Are Never Investable To Me  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jul-19 08:50
[ATVI]   3 Reasons Activision Blizzard Investors Should Pull The Trigger  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jul-19 19:45
[EA]   Microsoft Beats, Electronic Arts Retreats, And Tesla Nears Peak  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jul-19 06:54
[ATVI]   In Perspective: Esports And Video Gaming  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jul-19 05:58
[ATVI, EA]   Ubisoft Is About To Catch Up  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jul-19 18:59
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Epic Fail  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jul-19 09:49
[ORCL]   Salesforce.Com - More Cash In The Cloud Than You Might Think  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jul-19 15:26
[MDRX, ORCL]   IPO Update: Health Catalyst Proposes IPO Terms  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jul-19 15:13
[EA]   A Holistic View Of Nvidia - Life After Crypto Tumble, Growth Prospects, Valuations, And Risks  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jul-19 15:12
[MDRX]   Phreesia Prepares For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jul-19 13:31
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Don't Flip Out  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jul-19 07:44
[ORCL]   Saas On SaaS Part 2 With Akram's Razor (Podcast Transcript)  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jul-19 06:00
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: Bad PR, Good Long-Term Fundamentals  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jul-19 12:06
[ORCL]   The Uncertain Future Of International Business Machines  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jul-19 11:54
[ORCL]   Stock Picking, It's Mental  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jul-19 00:09
[ORCL]   SaaS On SaaS With Akram's Razor (Podcast Transcript)  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Jul-19 09:49
[ATVI, EA]   Activision Blizzard Is An Undervalued Transformation Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jul-19 16:00
[ORCL]   SaaS On SaaS With Akram's Razor (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jul-19 06:30
[ORCL]   The P/E For Amazon Is Not The Full Story  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Jul-19 16:16
[ATVI]   The Pink Portfolio: PayPal Has Bought Itself A Family  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Jul-19 08:16
[ORCL]   FOMO Rally: Time For Catch-Up Trades; Analyzing Google And 3 Others  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jun-19 15:52
[ORCL]   How To Find Undervalued Stocks With Strong Fundamentals  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jun-19 14:02
[EA]   4 Reasons To Own Electronic Arts Again  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jun-19 02:35
[ORCL]   Oracle: Q4 Vindicated Our Stance, Expecting 50% Returns  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Jun-19 11:15
[ORCL]   Oracle: Revenue Acceleration Should Drive Outperformance  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jun-19 11:01
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Company Needs Mobile Gaming Help  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jun-19 16:51
[ORCL]   Beating The Fade - Why Product Cycle Innovation Has Kept Microsoft On Top  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jun-19 15:32
[ORCL]   Oracle's Massive Buybacks Will Push The Stock Higher  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Jun-19 15:10
[ATVI, EA]   A Look At The ESports Trend And The Main Companies Involved  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jun-19 20:07
[ORCL]   Powell Was Masterful; We Have Until June 28 To Trade  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Jun-19 09:36
[ORCL]   Nutanix: Starting To Look Attractive  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Jun-19 08:00
[EA]   Electronic Arts Is Poised For Growth Despite Apex's Weakness  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Jun-19 06:14
[EA]   Bulls Are Dead Wrong About Electronic Arts  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jun-19 13:43
[ATVI]   The Best Places To Work: Delivering Strong Results Compared To The S&P 500 Over 10 Years  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jun-19 13:42
[MANH]   Manhattan Associates' First Mover Advantage May Unlock Growth As Multichannel Retail Takes Off  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jun-19 12:51
[MANH]   Manhattan Associates' First Mover Advantage May Unlock Growth As Omnichannel Retail Takes Off  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jun-19 12:51
[MDRX]   IPO Update: Change Healthcare Proposes Terms For IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jun-19 13:08
[ORCL]   Alibaba: Close To The Clouds, But Not There Yet  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jun-19 14:14
[EA]   EA Successfully Proves Itself As A Value Investment With Hidden Growth Opportunities  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jun-19 14:44

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