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[ATVI, EA]   Activision Blizzard: Well-Positioned To Dominate The Gaming Industry  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Dec-19 20:04
[ORCL]   IBM: Shareholders Should Be Very Concerned  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Dec-19 14:55
[ORCL]   Coupa: What Happened Here Is How We Like To Invest  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Dec-19 15:08
[ORCL]   Human Capital Software Firm CDP Holdings Begins U.S. IPO Process  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Nov-19 12:34
[ORCL]   Technology And Communication Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-19 15:20
[ATVI, EA]   Activision Blizzard: Weathering The Storm  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-19 13:03
[ORCL]   Amazon, A Growth Story With 34% Downside  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 07:54
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Immense Growth Ahead  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 04:10
[ATVI]   What To Expect From BlizzCon 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Oct-19 05:00
[ATVI, EA]   Activision Strikes Back  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 13:12
[ATVI]   Take-Two: Why China Could Ban NBA 2K  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Oct-19 12:17
[ORCL]   The Force Is With Microsoft; Apple Might Be Cooked For Now, Let's Chart It  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Oct-19 15:20
[MANH]   How To Find Tech Stocks With Strong Momentum  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 15:51
[MANH]   Our SaaS Picks: Playing Defense In The Software Space  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 14:14
[ORCL]   Microsoft As The One Stock To Rule Them All  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 10:48
[EA]   Electronic Arts: Weathering The Storm  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 18:53
[ORCL]   We're Just Points From An S&P Breakout, And Strong Results From Microsoft, ServiceNow, And PayPal Will Boost Cloud Names  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 13:41
[ATVI, EA]   Activision: Call To Be Bullish  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 13:23
[ATVI, EA]   Electronic Arts: The Bullish Case  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-19 13:55
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: A Long-Term Stable Ride  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Oct-19 00:40
[ATVI, EA]   Hurdles For The Video Gaming Industry  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-19 20:16
[ORCL]   HubSpot: Improving Margins Makes It Attractive  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-19 10:13
[ORCL]   Technology And Communication Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-19 09:27
[ORCL]   A Look At Smart Cities Of The Future And Some Companies To Benefit  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Oct-19 19:41
[ATVI]   Sell Activision Blizzard - Hong Kong Misstep Will Cost A Fortune  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-19 17:32
[EA]   Tencent: The Ailing Penguin  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-19 09:15
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: Mobile Boost  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 13:33
[ORCL]   Non-VSphere Deep Dive: Initiating VMware With A Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 10:11
[MANH]   Best And Worst Mid-Cap Stocks Now  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 18:34
[ORCL]   Oracle In Buy Territory  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Oct-19 08:06
[EA]   Take-Two Interactive Software Investors Get Ready To Party Like It's 2013  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Sep-19 11:04
[ORCL]   Adobe: Selloff Provides Long-Term Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Sep-19 03:41
[ORCL]   Oracle Has Huge Upside If It Can Improve On Its Existing Businesses  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Sep-19 14:15
[ATVI, EA]   Call Of Duty Everywhere Gives Investors 3 Reasons To Buy Activision-Blizzard  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Sep-19 12:43
[ATVI, ORCL]   Technology And Communication Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Sep-19 18:11
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: Rebuilding Trust And Restoring Faith  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Sep-19 15:59
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: CoD Brand Fatigue And Lukewarm Sekiro Launch Poses A Drag On Growth  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Sep-19 09:17
[ORCL]   GM, Disney, Oracle, Walmart: Micro Bubble Winners Continue To Outperform  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Sep-19 11:23
[ORCL]   Workday: Buy The Pullback  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Sep-19 09:29
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: WoW Classic Launch Revitalizes A Declining Franchise And Share Price  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Sep-19 21:11
[EA]   Electronic Arts Stock Has Flatlined, Yet Upcoming Games May Force Investors To Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Sep-19 14:28
[ORCL]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - John's July Update: Capital Recycling And The Impact On Income  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Sep-19 12:57
[ATVI]   Activision Blizzard: Top Pick In The Space  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Sep-19 20:49
[ORCL]   Software AG - Disastrous Stock Performance So Far - Fundamentally Undervalued  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Sep-19 13:20
[ORCL]   Nvidia: Ray Tracing Graphics Cards Gain Traction  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Aug-19 16:30
[ORCL]   Breach At Capital One Bolsters The Case For Oracle  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Aug-19 11:50
[ORCL]   Ping Identity Begins U.S. IPO Plan  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Aug-19 17:20
[ORCL]   Fundamental Bull Case For MongoDB: 216% Upside  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Aug-19 14:45
[ORCL]   3 Reasons I Just Bought Slack  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Aug-19 12:28
[EA]   Adobe Is A Great Investment In This Volatile Market - Machine Learning Driven Insights  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Aug-19 13:01

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