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[ACGL]   The Architecture Of Modern Risk Management  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jan-19 06:20
[TRV]   Jane's FY-2018 Dividend Income Totals - Why Being Patient Pays  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jan-19 08:33
[AIG, MET]   Financials And Real Estate Valuations - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jan-19 17:42
[MET]   Could MetLife Be Insurance For Your Portfolio In 2019?  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-19 16:17
[MET, PRU]   The R.I.P. Portfolio's Q4 2018 Update  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-19 09:59
[MET]   Worst Performing Large Cap Stocks In 2018  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jan-19 11:51
[AIG]   Voya Financial's Discount To Book With High ROIC Makes Little Sense  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jan-19 05:00
[CB, TRV]   Have A Reason For Everything You Own, Know The Counterarguments, And Revisit Regularly  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Dec-18 22:52
[AIG]   The S&P 500 And You: Why Most Investors Did Not Beat The Market In 2018  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Dec-18 13:24
[TRV]   Berkshire Hathaway: Are Warren Buffett & Co. Losing Their Midas Touch?  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Dec-18 07:37
[PRU]   Prudential Financial Is Worth A Look  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Dec-18 02:56
[PRU]   How To Retire At 62 With Just Half A Million  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Dec-18 09:43
[ACGL]   Market Skepticism On Mortgage Insurance Still Offering Some Upside In Arch Capital  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Dec-18 08:19
[AIG]   Using Covered Calls To Sell My AIG  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Nov-18 13:16
[TRV]   Jane's October Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - Retirement Accounts  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Nov-18 15:35
[AIG]   When Retirees Leave The Investment Ring, That Sensible Portfolio Can Keep On Keeping On  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Nov-18 06:39
[CB, TRV]   Is There A Legitimate Rationale For Berkshire Buybacks? Yes, And They Come With A Treasure Trove Of Buffett Thinking  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Nov-18 15:46
[PRU]   5% Income Strategy For 2019 And Beyond  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Nov-18 09:00
[WRB]   EAA Announces November 2018 Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Nov-18 22:04
[PRU]   Prudential Is A Steady Buy, With Upside From Higher Rates  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-18 14:53
[PRU]   McDonald's Is The Best In Show - Cramer's Lightning Round (11/12/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-18 07:21
[ALL]   Biogen Is Under Pressure - Cramer's Lightning Round (11/1/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Nov-18 07:16
[TRV]   Jane's September Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - Retirement Accounts  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-18 09:59
[TRV]   2018 Dogs Of The Dow  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-18 02:23
[TRV]   Storms Have Made Travelers A Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Oct-18 07:19
[MET]   Retirement: How To Manage Risks And Prepare For The Next Downturn  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Oct-18 09:00
[ALL]   Financials And Real Estate Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Oct-18 12:49
[MET, PRU]   The R.I.P. Portfolio's Q3 2018 Update  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Oct-18 12:06
[TRV]   Jane's August Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - Retirement Accounts  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Sep-18 15:27
[CB]   Ferrari Is A Strong Company - Cramer's Lightning Round (9/27/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Sep-18 06:01
[AIG]   Investing In Post-Lehman World  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Sep-18 11:38
[PRU]   Oneok Is A Good Fixed Income Play - Cramer's Lightning Round (9/12/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Sep-18 06:46
[PRU]   Income Investors: For Every 2 Ts, Buy 1 HD  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Sep-18 09:00
[PRU]   Prudential Is Clearly A Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Sep-18 11:05
[MET]   Brighthouse And The Fine Line Between Opportunity And Trap (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Sep-18 08:26
[MET]   Spin-Off September With KLX Energy And Frontdoor - The Idea Guide  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Sep-18 06:45
[AIG]   AIG: It Will Be A Long Road, But The Path Is Becoming Clearer  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Sep-18 10:35
[AIG]   American International Group: It Will Be A Long Road, But The Path Is Becoming Clearer  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Sep-18 10:35
[PRU]   5 Safe Dividend Stocks (On Sale) For Your Retirement Portfolio - August 2018  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Aug-18 08:30
[PRU]   Prudential Financial: This 5.625% Baby Bond Has Begun Trading On The NYSE  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Aug-18 04:07
[AIG, CB]   Hartford Defies The Market And Announces A $2.1 Billion Deal For Navigators  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Aug-18 18:01
[ALL]   Outperforming The Market By Following Earnings Revisions  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Aug-18 08:33
[XL]   Best And Worst S&P 500 Stocks On The Road To Nowhere  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Aug-18 02:33
[TRV]   Jane's July Dividend Increases And Income Tracker - Retirement Accounts  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Aug-18 15:10
[PRU]   By The Numbers: Beating The Market With Dividend Growth Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Aug-18 20:43
[MET]   How To Retire Comfortably By 62 With A Million  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Aug-18 08:01
[MET]   Sticking With The Story - The Idea Guide  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Aug-18 07:30
[MET]   Here's Why Einhorn Is Wrong On Brighthouse Financial  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Aug-18 13:06
[ACGL]   Arch Capital Reports Another Good, Balanced Quarter  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Aug-18 21:03
[MET]   MetLife: A Lot To Like Here, If You Are Able To Wait Out The Storm  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Aug-18 03:38

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