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[AMD, NVDA]   The Pattern Is Holding: Forget The Dips, Just Ride The Rips  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-19 15:55
[NVDA, INTC]   Paradigm Shift: Growth Vs. Value  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-19 07:25
[INTC, AMD]   Technology And Communication Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-19 15:20
[NVDA, AMD]   If Pattern Holds, We Rally Into Friday. Trade The Winners: Cloud, Healthcare, Select Retail  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-19 11:23
[AMD, INTC]   Home Depot Disappoints, Yet New Home Numbers Best In 12 Years; We Navigate These Contradictions  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Nov-19 15:25
[INTC]   Intel Powered By Solid Earnings And An Attractive Valuation  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Nov-19 13:03
[AMD, NVDA]   Tech Retakes Leadership Role With Chips And Cloud Names Moving Higher, I See A Pattern  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Nov-19 17:38
[NVDA, AMD, INTC]   AMD Is A Better Recession Choice Than Peers  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Nov-19 15:33
[TXN]   The Retirees' Dividend Portfolio - John And Jane's October Taxable Account Update: Budgeting In Retirement.  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Nov-19 19:42
[NVDA]   S&P Close Over 3100 Confirms A Powerful Rally. Salesforce, Adobe, AMAT, Nvidia Showcase Tech Participation  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Nov-19 16:18
[NVDA, QCOM, AMD, INTC]   Empire Strikes Back; Walmart And Disney, But For Arista Net And Advanced Micro, Rebels Winning Too  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Nov-19 13:21
[INTC, AMD]   AMD: Intel's Ice Lake Servers Fail To Deliver  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Nov-19 12:24
[AMD]   Trump Endangers Trade Deal, Honey Badger Market Don't Care, So Let's Shop Shopify, MongoDB And ServiceNow  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-19 16:00
[AMD]   Trump Endangers Trade Deal, Honey Badger Market Don't Care, So Let's Shopify MongoDB And ServiceNow  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-19 16:00
[NVDA]   Bears Betting Nvidia's Stock Plunges Following Results  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 12:51
[NVDA]   Breaking Down The Invitae Short (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 07:00
[NVDA]   Melt-Up Rest-Up, We Could Pause This Week, Looking At The┬áTransports: Trinity Industries, Delta Air And FedEx  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Nov-19 21:30
[AMD]   Melt-Up Alert: FANG Goes MAGDA. Disney Boots Netflix, Microsoft Usurps Facebook. It Could Be MADGAG  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Nov-19 12:22
[AMD]   AMD: Taking Patent Dynamics Into Account  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Nov-19 12:21
[AMD]   AMD On Track  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 15:19
[TXN]   The Young DGI - An Introduction To Start Your DGI Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 09:11
[INTC]   Intel Breaks Out  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 19:45
[INTC, AMD]   AMD: Shift Up To The Next Level  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 17:45
[NVDA]   Vicor Corporation: Advanced Products Customer Revenues, Q4 '19 Bookings Guidance, Implies H1 '19 Trough In Data Center Shipments  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 13:44
[NVDA]   Vicor Corporation: Advanced Products Customer Revenues, 4Q19 Bookings Guidance, Implies 1H19 Trough In Data Center Shipments  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 13:44
[INTC, NVDA]   Talking Tech Stocks With Joe Albano (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 05:30
[TXN]   Retire Rich: Buy Low And Sell High Consistently  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Nov-19 09:33
[INTC, NVDA, TXN]   Option Selling Ideas To Consider And Some To Avoid  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 07:47
[INTC, AMD]   Peel Some Apple; Twitter Loses, TV Wins; Boeing CEO Must Go  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Oct-19 14:12
[NVDA, AMD, INTC, QCOM]   Taiwan Semiconductor: Advancing Moore's Law  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Oct-19 10:55
[INTC, AMD, SMH, NVDA]   Nike, Just Do It, But Not Yet; General Electric Brings Good Things And What That Means For Industrials  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 13:55
[INTC]   Intel Growth Returns  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 12:15
[INTC, QCOM]   Samsung Embraces Intel Project Athena Vision  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 10:26
[AMD, INTC]   Assessing AMD Before Earnings  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Oct-19 13:25
[INTC, AMD]   I've Been Charting This Breakout, And Here We Are: Industrials And Cloud Tech Are Bottoming - Time To Tighten The Trading Plan  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Oct-19 14:23
[QCOM]   How To Retire With Just Half A Million  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Oct-19 09:52
[TXN]   Introducing Our Earnings Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 15:53
[TXN]   STMicro Building Credibility Ahead Of A Major Ramp  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 15:30
[TXN]   STMicroelectronics Building Credibility Ahead Of A Major Ramp  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 15:30
[INTC, AMD, NVDA]   Mighty Amazon Is Falling; Let's See How Far. Also Some Chips Are Chipper Because Of IT And Datacom  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 12:11
[NVDA, AMD]   AMD Shares Look To Recover From Trade War Thaw  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 11:59
[QCOM]   'Novel Dataset' Reveals Qualcomm Is An Undervalued Tech Giant  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 10:23
[TXN]   SiTime Files Initial Registration Statement For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 13:13
[INTC]   China Decoupling Puts The QQQ At Risk  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 11:34
[TXN]   The 3 Biggest Winners In My Retirement Portfolio Are Stocks You'll Want To Own  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-19 18:45
[NVDA]   Semiconductor Stocks Capital Gain Prospects Seen By Market-Makers  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-19 14:35
[TXN]   News And Themes Make Facebook, Boeing, ServiceNow, Texas Instruments, And Snapchat Good Trades Today  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-19 13:08
[TXN]   CEO Jilts ServiceNow; Boeing And Texas Instruments Disappoint; Several Other Interesting Trades  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-19 13:08
[AMD, INTC]   AMD's Extremely Successful Price Strategy Could Burden AMD And Intel Investors Long-Term  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Oct-19 15:59
[NVDA]   Nvidia And Broadcom: 2 Calls With Different Purposes  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Oct-19 06:41

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