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[TSM]   Nvidia: No Fear Of The Bitcoin Meltdown  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Dec-17 14:24
[ASX, SPIL, TSM]   Nordson Has Upside Potential In Semiconductor Packaging  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Dec-17 12:18
[TSM]   Buy Biotech ETF IBB And Trim Semiconductor Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Dec-17 10:45
[HIMX]   Best Investment Ideas 2017  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-17 13:16
[TSM]   Intel - A Top Momentum Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Oct-17 14:19
[TSM]   Apple Inc. Supplier Targets 2020 for 5-Nano Production  (Motley Fool)   22-Oct-17 16:43
[TSM]   Apple Inc. Supplier Plans Risk Production of 5-Nano Tech in 2019  (Motley Fool)   20-Oct-17 09:14
[TSM]   2 Reasons Intel Corp. Stock Just Crossed $40 Per Share  (Motley Fool)   18-Oct-17 17:37
[TSM]   The A11 Bionic Probably Isn't as Good as Apple Inc. Hoped  (Motley Fool)   18-Oct-17 15:28
[TSM]   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's Risky Apple Inc. Dependence  (Motley Fool)   18-Oct-17 07:00
[TSM]   1 Significant Risk to This Apple Inc. Supplier  (Motley Fool)   15-Oct-17 13:33
[ASX]   Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. Announces Monthly Net Revenues  (PR Newswire)   11-Oct-17 03:00
[TSM]   3 Things to Expect From Apple Inc.'s A12 Chip  (Motley Fool)   10-Oct-17 14:31
[TSM]   1 More Reason Apple Inc. Won't Switch to Intel Corp. Anytime Soon  (Motley Fool)   9-Oct-17 18:13
[HIMX]   These 2 Chipmakers Could Get an Augmented Reality Boost  (Motley Fool)   6-Oct-17 14:16
[TSM]   Consolidated Edison Is A Buy - Cramer's Lightning Round (10/5/17)  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Oct-17 04:59
[UMC]   Micron Faces Another Trade Secrets Mess in Taiwan  (Motley Fool)   4-Oct-17 07:57
[TSM]   1 Thing You Can Expect From the Apple Inc. A12 Bionic Chip  (Motley Fool)   3-Oct-17 21:41
[HIMX]   Up Over 80% in 2017, Is Himax Technologies a Buy?  (Motley Fool)   1-Oct-17 09:30
[TSM]   3 Things to Expect From Apple Inc.'s A11X Bionic iPad Pro Chip  (Motley Fool)   29-Sep-17 07:00
[TSM]   Does Intel Corp. Have a Chance of Winning Apple Inc. A-Series Business?  (Motley Fool)   28-Sep-17 20:15
[HIMX]   Forget STMicroelectronics -- Himax is a Better Augmented Reality Stock  (Motley Fool)   28-Sep-17 09:00
[TSM]   1 Big Apple Inc. A11 Bionic Chip Mystery Revealed  (Motley Fool)   28-Sep-17 07:35
[TSM]   Is the Apple Inc. iPhone 8 a Failure?  (Motley Fool)   26-Sep-17 12:20
[HIMX]   Better Buy: Himax Technologies vs. Qualcomm  (Motley Fool)   23-Sep-17 11:00
[HIMX]   Himax and Qualcomm Team Up to Tap the 3D Sensing Opportunity  (Motley Fool)   19-Sep-17 22:30
[TSM]   1 Way Apple Inc. Played It Safe With the A11 Bionic Chip  (Motley Fool)   15-Sep-17 21:11
[HIMX]   This Just In: Qualcomm Stock Upgraded  (Motley Fool)   15-Sep-17 15:07
[TSM]   Did This Apple Inc. Supplier Fail to Deliver?  (Motley Fool)   15-Sep-17 14:00
[TSM]   3 Stocks Retirees Should Buy on a Market Pullback  (Motley Fool)   14-Sep-17 17:22
[TSM, UMC]   Micron and UMC's Trade Secrets Debacle is a Red Flag  (Motley Fool)   13-Sep-17 21:49
[HIMX]   Apple vs. Google: Who Will Win the Mobile AR Wars?  (Motley Fool)   11-Sep-17 20:10
[TSM]   3 Final Predictions About the Apple Inc. A11 Fusion Chip  (Motley Fool)   10-Sep-17 16:00
[TSM]   Apple's Other iPhone Launch  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Sep-17 06:06
[TSM]   Apple Inc. Dodged a Serious Bullet  (Motley Fool)   6-Sep-17 12:45
[TSM]   Intel Corporation Management Is Making Another Big Mistake  (Motley Fool)   6-Sep-17 11:30
[HIMX]   Why Insmed, Himax Technologies, and Yamana Gold Jumped Today  (Motley Fool)   5-Sep-17 16:36
[HIMX]   Why Himax Technologies, Inc. Popped 19% in August   (Motley Fool)   5-Sep-17 14:19
[TSM]   2 Things You Should Know About the Upcoming A11 Fusion Chip  (Motley Fool)   25-Aug-17 10:45
[TSM]   TSMC: Still Looking Good For The Long Haul  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Aug-17 17:53
[HIMX]   Is Himax Technologies Primed for a Comeback?  (Motley Fool)   17-Aug-17 16:22
[TSM]   This Mobile Chipmaker Is Cutting Prices  (Motley Fool)   15-Aug-17 10:30
[TSM]   7 Things That'll Be Completely Different About the iPhone 8  (Motley Fool)   15-Aug-17 06:00
[AUO]   3 Stocks With Starbucks-Like Return Potential  (Motley Fool)   12-Aug-17 10:35
[SIMO]   Why Micron Technology, Inc. Shareholders Have Something to Worry About  (Motley Fool)   11-Aug-17 20:14
[SIMO]   1 Thing That's Hurting Silicon Motion Technology Stock  (Motley Fool)   11-Aug-17 08:45
[HIMX]   How Can I Invest In Virtual Reality?  (Motley Fool)   10-Aug-17 08:01
[SIMO]   1 Way Intel Corporation Hopes to Boost Memory Profitability  (Motley Fool)   8-Aug-17 09:30
[SIMO]   Why Silicon Motion Technology Corp. Stock Fell 15% in July  (Motley Fool)   7-Aug-17 13:22
[HIMX]   What to Expect From Himax Technologies' Q2 Earnings  (Motley Fool)   2-Aug-17 19:12

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