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[DHT]   DHT Convertible Notes Are A Zero Cost Arbitrage Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jul-20 20:39
[DHT]   DHT Convertible Notes Are A Better Buy Than Common Shares  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jun-20 15:58
[TNK]   +105% In 13 Weeks - The 'Crisis Composite' Strategy Still Crushing The Market  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jun-20 22:12
[TNK]   Teekay Tankers And The Current Oil Storage Situation  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jun-20 08:51
[DHT, FRO]   72 10%+Yield Dividend Dogs Priced $5-$15 In June  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jun-20 15:58
[TNK]   Teekay Tankers: A Story Of Very Rapid Deleveraging  (Seeking Alpha)   27-May-20 14:24
[TNK]   Teekay Tankers: A Story Of Very Rapid Deleveraging  (Seeking Alpha)   27-May-20 14:24
[DHT, EURN, FRO, NAT]   Frontline: Q1 Results Affirm It As A High-Yield Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   21-May-20 11:17
[DHT, EURN, FRO]   DHT Holdings Could Be Worth $16 Per Share  (Seeking Alpha)   15-May-20 16:36
[TNK]   Changing The Narrative On Tankers And Scorpio  (Seeking Alpha)   14-May-20 11:44
[EURN]   Euronav Offers A Unique Opportunity For Dividend And Value Investors  (Seeking Alpha)   13-May-20 17:02
[EURN, FRO]   Opportunities In Tankers: An Interview With J Mintzmyer Of Value Investor's Edge  (Seeking Alpha)   13-May-20 16:26
[EURN]   Euronav By The Numbers  (Seeking Alpha)   13-May-20 15:10
[NAT]   Stay In Nordic American Tankers For Its Dividend And Technical Setup  (Seeking Alpha)   8-May-20 12:43
[FRO, NAT]   Talking The Tanker Trade (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   7-May-20 06:30
[DHT]   DHT Remains In A Good Position, Despite The Contango Contraction  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-20 14:42
[TNK]   Teekay Tankers - The Best Opportunity On The Water  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-20 08:44
[DHT, EURN, FRO, TNK]   Adventures In Following Harris Kupperman  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-20 04:17
[DHT, EURN, TNK]   Play Devil's Advocate To The Bullish Tanker Thesis  (Seeking Alpha)   5-May-20 07:52
[NAT]   Why Nordic American Tankers Still Has Plenty Of Room To Run  (Seeking Alpha)   3-May-20 10:51
[DHT, EURN, FRO, NAT, TNK ...]   Navios Maritime Acquisition: Very Risky But Potentially Very Rewarding  (Seeking Alpha)   2-May-20 04:12
[TNK]   Floating Distillate Storage - Clean Tankers  (Seeking Alpha)   1-May-20 12:35
[FRO]   Frontline's CEO On The Tanker Market (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Apr-20 06:30
[CPLP, DHT, EURN, TNK, TNP]   Coronavirus Shopping List: Updated 12 Maritime Bargains  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Apr-20 10:00
[NAT]   No Pain For These 4 Powerful Market Segments Generating Big Gains  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Apr-20 20:03
[NAT]   Nordic American Tankers - The Contango Play Of The Decade  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Apr-20 17:42
[DHT]   DHT Holdings And Crude Oil Storage  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Apr-20 16:23
[DHT, EURN, FRO, NAT, TNK]   Jones Act Tanker Operators  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Apr-20 04:02
[FRO]   Frontline Contango Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Apr-20 22:55
[DHT, EURN, FRO]   Singapore Tanker Parking - At-Risk Players  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Apr-20 16:51
[EURN]   Euronav NV Contango Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Apr-20 00:02
[NAT]   Nordic American Tankers Contango Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Apr-20 20:16
[DHT, EURN, FRO, NAT, TNK]   Contango With Me - Tanker Breakeven Analysis  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Apr-20 15:51
[DHT, EURN]   Some Hedges For Your Portfolio In The Age Of COVID-19  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Apr-20 13:13
[DHT]   DHT Holdings, Inc. Cashes In Its Ships: 6 Vessels Fixed At High Rates For One Year Terms  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Apr-20 12:14
[NAT, TNK]   What I'm Buying Now - Part 2  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Apr-20 09:04
[EURN]   Euronav's CEO On Surging Rates Amid The Corona/Oil Price War Market (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Apr-20 06:30
[TNP]   Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited: A Super Tanker For The Super Contango  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Apr-20 12:42
[TNK]   Teekay Tankers: A Hedge Against The Oil Glut  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Apr-20 10:29
[CPLP, EURN, FRO, TNK, TNP]   Global Shipping: Tankers Winning As Uncertainty Abounds  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Apr-20 09:00
[EURN, TNK]   A Buoyant Market For Shipping  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Mar-20 07:56
[CPLP, EURN]   Coronavirus And Oil Price War Impact To Global Trade  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Mar-20 09:00
[TNP]   The Stock Market Has Tanked: What To Do Next  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Mar-20 14:30
[DHT, EURN, FRO, NAT, TNK]   Biggest Oil Price War Winner: Crude Tankers  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Mar-20 08:00
[TNP]   Fixed-Rate Preferred Stocks - Complete Review  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Mar-20 19:02
[EURN]   Euronav's Business Strategy Risks Too Much On Spot Tanker Rates  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Feb-20 19:24
[DHT]   DHT Holdings: Management Is More Realistic About The Headwinds Than Biased Investors  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Feb-20 22:05
[DHT, EURN, FRO, TNK]   Euronav: Buy The Dips And Enjoy H2 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Feb-20 15:01
[EURN, NAT]   Shipping Market Update With VesselsValue (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Feb-20 09:45
[TNK]   Smooth Sailing For Teekay Ahead, Buy On The Dip  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Feb-20 22:07

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