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[FB]   Retirement: The Rule Of 72, And The 'Income Method'  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jan-20 09:35
[FB]   Beverly (Value) Hillbillies  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jan-20 06:43
[FB]   Facebook: Well-Positioned For Long-Term Hold  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jan-20 06:06
[YELP, TWTR, FB]   Pinterest's Different Kind Of Social Media Play (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jan-20 06:30
[FB]   Facebook Valuation: It's Not Too Late  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jan-20 16:33
[FB]   Apple Is What Worries Me About The Markets  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jan-20 15:15
[TWTR]   Twitter: Unjustifiably Cheap, Strong Investment Opportunity  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Jan-20 18:09
[FB]   Buy These Top Mobile Payment Providers To Benefit From One Of The Biggest Trends Of The Next Decade  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Jan-20 10:46
[FB]   Technology And Communication Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jan-20 05:25
[FB]   Facebook Remains Undervalued  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jan-20 22:38
[FB]   The Difficulty With Being Contrarian: A Case For Optimism  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jan-20 01:08
[TWTR, FB]   Facebook: Conviction Buy Despite Regulatory Fears  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jan-20 17:28
[FB]   PayPal Is Losing To Competitors, And Partnerships May Not Be Enough  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jan-20 17:03
[FB]   Facebook: Competitors Stance On Political Ads Should Boost Sales And Guidance  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jan-20 10:36
[FB]   Out With Apple, In With Amazon: My Favorite FAANG Stock For 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jan-20 06:00
[ZNGA]   Glu Mobile: Prepare For Failure  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jan-20 16:45
[FB]   Trading Growth Stocks In A Secretly Choppy Market In 2020 (Podcast Transcript)  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jan-20 09:33
[FB, TWTR]   Trading Growth Stocks In A Secretly Choppy Market In 2020 (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jan-20 06:30
[FB]   The Future Of E-Commerce And Retail Will Be Written In China  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jan-20 05:34
[FB]   End Of Year Update  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Jan-20 20:10
[FB]   Facebook: Improved Price Control, Synergies, The Headline Effect, And High Alpha  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Jan-20 11:15
[FB]   Amazon: 2020 Valuation Outlook  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 16:01
[FB]   Facebook: Further Growth Potential For 2020 And Calming Break-Up Sentiment  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 13:15
[FB]   Pinterest: Comparatively Overvalued  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 12:17
[FB]   Facebook: A $350 Share Price By The End Of 2020 Should Not Surprise You  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 10:45
[FB]   M&A In 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 09:30
[TWTR]   Marketplace Authors' Picks For 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-20 07:30
[TWTR, FB]   The R.I.P. Portfolio's Q4 2019 Update  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Jan-20 08:52
[FB]   MGP Ingredients Or Facebook: You Say Which The Better Choice  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-20 18:00
[TWTR, FB]   Pinterest: Biggest 2020 Bet On IPO Flops  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jan-20 16:34
[FB]   Project $1M: 2019 Was Another Good Year  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jan-20 15:20
[FB]   The Market Is Huge! Revisiting The Big Market Delusion  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Dec-19 21:07
[FB]   Facebook Is Worth A Look Now, Despite Everything  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Dec-19 15:36
[FB]   A Thesis Revisit On Alibaba And Tencent Might Surprise You  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Dec-19 10:21
[FB]   Alphabet: Why The New 'King Of Cash' Is A Must-Have Heading Into The Next Decade  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Dec-19 02:43
[FB]   The End Of A Decade Of Growth: Is Value's Time Finally Here? (Podcast Transcript)  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Dec-19 06:30
[FB]   In Search Of The Best Growth Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Dec-19 12:01
[FB]   Apple Sports Could Be Game Changer  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Dec-19 13:28
[TWTR]   Money For Nothing - Dire Straits Loom In 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Dec-19 07:30
[TWTR, FB]   Tech Is Just Getting Started Going Into 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Dec-19 07:00
[FB]   3 Stocks I'm Expecting Big Things From In 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Dec-19 15:27
[FB]   The End Of A Decade Of Growth: Is Value's Time Finally Here?  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Dec-19 06:30
[TWTR]   Takeaways From SALT In Abu Dhabi: A World In Search Of Growth  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Dec-19 00:49
[FB]   Alphabet: Get In While You Can  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Dec-19 14:47
[FB]   Misplaced Fears About Alibaba; Defending China's IP Protection  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Dec-19 13:00
[FB]   Facebook: Undervalued And Setting Up To Break Previous Highs  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Dec-19 11:54
[FB]   IMF December Buys: The 16 Stocks Added To My Fund  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Dec-19 16:26
[TWTR]   Merger Mating Dance, And Who Gets The Rose Next. Broadcom Is A Player, Part II  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Dec-19 14:54
[TWTR]   Southwestern Energy: A Misunderstood Natural Gas Producer  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Dec-19 14:48
[FB]   Enjoy Rally, But Take Some Profits; Also Proof Main St. Beating Wall St.  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Dec-19 14:16

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