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[TWTR]   Breaking Down The Invitae Short (Podcast)  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 07:00
[FB]   Melt-Up Alert: FANG Goes MAGDA. Disney Boots Netflix, Microsoft Usurps Facebook. It Could Be MADGAG  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Nov-19 12:22
[ZNGA]   Zynga: Relative Bargain Trading Below Peers  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 18:27
[TWTR]   Melt-Up Alert: All Systems Are Go; Buy The Blowups McDonald's, Twitter, Match, Not Expedia  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 14:33
[FB]   Match Group: Super Like It!  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 12:05
[FB]   Uber 2019 Is A Reflection Of Facebook 2012  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 23:40
[TWTR]   Twitter: Bulls Are Still Right  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 18:57
[FB]   Beasley Broadcast Group: Because Radio Is Here To Stay  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 16:08
[FB]   Beasley Broadcast Group: Because Radio Is Here To Stay  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 16:08
[TWTR]   Twitter: Concentrate On Core Metrics In This Remarkably Irrational Market  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 15:26
[FB]   Short Traditional Marriage And Go Long On Match Instead  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 14:20
[ZNGA]   Zynga: No Longer A Shadow Of Its Former Self  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 13:03
[TWTR]   Green Dot Portfolio: October 2019 Update - A 15%+ Second Year  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-19 11:38
[FB]   Project $1M: Now 4 Years Of 'Beating The Market'  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Nov-19 17:49
[FB]   Melt-Up Alert Going Into 2020, I Like McDonald's And Nike This Week  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-19 10:09
[FB]   What Do I Really Think? It's In My Unorthodox, Shoot-The-Moon Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 11:32
[SOCL]   Meet The Sector Disruptors  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 10:54
[FB, TWTR]   Sprout Social Files For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 09:45
[FB]   Facebook: 30% Revenue Growth Again In Q3; Reiterate Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 09:34
[TWTR]   Option Selling Ideas To Consider And Some To Avoid  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-19 07:47
[FB, TWTR]   Peel Some Apple; Twitter Loses, TV Wins; Boeing CEO Must Go  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Oct-19 14:12
[ZNGA]   Buy Zynga Before Q3 Earnings  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Oct-19 20:16
[FB]   Take-Two: Why China Could Ban NBA 2K  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Oct-19 12:17
[TWTR]   Buy Twitter On The Dip  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Oct-19 09:22
[FB, TWTR]   Mighty Amazon Is Falling; Let's See How Far. Also Some Chips Are Chipper Because Of IT And Datacom  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 12:11
[FB]   Microsoft As The One Stock To Rule Them All  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Oct-19 10:48
[TWTR]   Twitter: Buying The Pullback  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 19:22
[TWTR]   Investor Alert: Kaplan Fox Investigates Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)  (PR Newswire)   24-Oct-19 17:11
[TWTR]   Uber: Sell Or Short Before November 6th  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 09:30
[TWTR]   Weibo: A Relic With Diminishing Value  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Oct-19 10:27
[FB]   Facebook: Don't Lose Focus  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Oct-19 15:43
[FB, TWTR]   The 'Empire Strikes Back'; Why FANG Isn't Leading, And What It Can Do Right Now  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Oct-19 14:24
[FB]   Got Whupped On My Netflix Downside Bet: Postmortem Analysis = Sell, Also Other Trades  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-19 11:50
[FB]   Alibaba: New Growth Drivers In A New Era  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-19 16:14
[FB]   Preparing For A Recession: The Right Mindset For Investing  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-19 10:57
[FB]   Despite Libra Setback: Facebook Has A Huge Lever To Become A Mega Retailer Platform  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Oct-19 12:50
[FB]   Antitrust Cases: Another Source Of Moaty Businesses  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Oct-19 11:19
[FB]   A Look At Smart Cities Of The Future And Some Companies To Benefit  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Oct-19 19:41
[FB]   China: We Got Happy Talk, With A Side Of Pork And Beans. Also Long-Term Stocks And Trades  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Oct-19 16:10
[FB]   Tencent: The Ailing Penguin  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-19 09:15
[FB]   IMF September Buys: The 28 Stocks I Added (Part 2)  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 12:00
[FB]   Alpha And Omega - New Customers, Products, And Revenue  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 11:32
[FB]   Non-VSphere Deep Dive: Initiating VMware With A Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 10:11
[FB]   Facebook: Strong Fundamentals And Attractive Valuation  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 18:16
[FB]   Facebook: TikTok And Why Zuckerburg Is Wrong About It  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 14:27
[TWTR, FB]   The R.I.P. Portfolio's Q3 2019 Update  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 12:30
[FB]   Facebook: Risk Vs. Reward  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 12:03
[FB]   Facebook: Back On The Offensive  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 14:34
[TWTR]   The Challenge Of Transparency  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 13:48
[FB]   Shorting Overvalued Cybersecurity Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 05:22

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