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[MDT]   Bloom Energy: Is There Finally A Fuel Cell Company Worth Buying?  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jun-19 13:45
[ISRG]   Healthcare Stocks: Invest In Business, Not Science  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Jun-19 06:35
[MDT]   A 5% Income Strategy For Bull Markets And Bear Markets  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jun-19 08:51
[OMI]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - John's April Update: Focus On The Blended Yield  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Jun-19 20:39
[ISRG]   The Best Stocks To Buy Are The 'Best Places To Work'  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Jun-19 01:53
[MDT]   Don't Worry So Much About Portfolio Weights And Rebalancing. Let It Ride.  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jun-19 06:32
[ISRG]   Intuitive Surgical: Stick With The Market Leader  (Seeking Alpha)   29-May-19 15:45
[ISRG, MDT, SYK]   Stereotaxis: Well Positioned To Become "Intuitive Surgical Of Endovascular Surgery" With Genesis Launch & Proprietary Catheter Development  (Seeking Alpha)   23-May-19 10:54
[ISRG, MDT, SYK]   Stereotaxis: Well Positioned To Become 'Intuitive Surgical Of Endovascular Surgery' With Genesis Launch And Proprietary Catheter Development  (Seeking Alpha)   23-May-19 10:54
[ISRG, MDT, SYK]   Intuitive Surgical Is A Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   21-May-19 15:06
[IART]   So-Young International: A Great Opportunity To Buy  (Seeking Alpha)   21-May-19 10:13
[ALGN, HSIC]   Healthcare And Biotechnology Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-19 13:53
[EW]   Edwards Lifesciences: A Med-Tech Stock Staying Strong For A Reason  (Seeking Alpha)   15-May-19 00:55
[IART, SYK, WMGI]   Wright Medical - No Fuss, No Drama, Just A Good Quarter  (Seeking Alpha)   8-May-19 10:46
[STAA]   STAAR Surgical Company: Down On FDA Disclosure, But Not Out  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-19 13:05
[OMI]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - John's March Update - Let Your Dividends Do The Work  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-19 09:02
[EW, ISRG]   Introducing The Urbem Quality Score  (Seeking Alpha)   6-May-19 07:24
[ALGN]   Align Technology Has Plans To Make Invisalign A Household Name  (Seeking Alpha)   1-May-19 15:35
[EW]   Edwards Lifesciences: Assessing The Next Moves  (Seeking Alpha)   1-May-19 12:58
[MDT]   5 Safe And Cheap Dividend Stocks To Invest (April 2019)  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Apr-19 09:00
[MDT]   Abiomed: Upside That Will Get Your Heart Pumping  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Apr-19 07:53
[ISRG]   Buy Intuitive Surgical On The Dip  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Apr-19 12:49
[MDT]   How To Save And Invest For Retirement At 62  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Apr-19 09:30
[EW, ISRG]   Is Healthcare Berning?  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Apr-19 08:04
[MDT]   Milestone Pharmaceuticals Publishes First IPO Filing  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Apr-19 15:29
[MDT]   Is A U.S. Healthcare Crisis Long Overdue?  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Apr-19 14:35
[ALGN, EW]   Healthcare And Biotechnology Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Apr-19 09:48
[MDT]   The Passive DGI Core Portfolio: First-Quarter 2019 Review  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Apr-19 10:00
[OMI]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - John's February Update - Game Of Thrones Edition  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Apr-19 12:43
[ALGN, ISRG]   Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 71  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Apr-19 13:23
[SYK]   Osiris Therapeutics Is Undervalued In Buyout  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Apr-19 12:34
[ALGN]   Invisalign Is Set To Drive Align Technology Higher, But Not The Shares  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Apr-19 13:18
[ISRG]   Intuitive Surgical: A Company Of The Future, But Its Stock Is Expensive  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Apr-19 09:46
[MDT]   Week In Review: CanSino Nears $1 Billion Valuation Following Hong Kong IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Mar-19 11:12
[BAX, EW, MDT]   IPO Update: Silk Road Medical Finalizes Plans For IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Mar-19 12:50
[HSIC, PDCO]   Moats, Bargains, Margins, And Patterson Companies  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Mar-19 15:22
[HSIC]   Preparing For The End Of The Cycle (Part XIV): Henry Schein  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Mar-19 15:05
[EW]   Medical Devices Stock Price Gain Opportunity: Edwards Lifesciences  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Mar-19 12:03
[BAX, EW, MDT]   Silk Road Medical Files For IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Mar-19 10:42
[ALGN]   Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 66  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Mar-19 16:24
[MDT]   GE: Notably Undervalued After Blockbuster Biopharma Deal  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Mar-19 15:15
[OMI]   John's January Retirement Account Update - Locking In Gains As Stocks Move To 52-Week Highs  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Mar-19 11:50
[WMGI]   Wright Medical Still Walking A Tightrope, But Growth Should Pick Up  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Feb-19 18:59
[MDT]   IPO Update: Shockwave Medical Files Proposed Terms For IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Feb-19 14:29
[MDT]   IntriCon's Guidance Disappoints, But There Is Significant Potential Still  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Feb-19 05:13
[MDT, MSA]   Exploring 3 Medical And Safety Device Manufacturers  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Feb-19 08:50
[EW]   Edwards Lifesciences: It's Expensive, But It's Recession-Proof  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Feb-19 14:09
[ISRG]   Total USD Portfolio Review - January 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Feb-19 16:50
[MDT]   The Momentum Investor For The Week Of February 11-15  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Feb-19 14:15
[ALGN]   Healthcare And Biotechnology Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Feb-19 12:02

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