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[BCS, HSBC, LYG]   Barclays: Heading In The Right Direction And Still A Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-19 16:31
[CS, UBS]   Credit Suisse: The Air Is Getting Thinner, But There's Still Upside  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Nov-19 20:45
[ING]   5%+ Dividend Yield Portfolio: Winning With A Defensive Tilt (October 2019 Review)  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 14:24
[CS]   14 Large-Cap Stocks With Low PEG Ratio To Review  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Nov-19 02:28
[LYG, RBS]   The Long And The Short Of It: Brexit  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 17:44
[SAN]   Buy Banco Santander  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Oct-19 16:38
[NRBAY]   Nordea Cuts Dividend By 43%  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 10:41
[ING, UBS]   By The Book IV.01: The Large Cap Value Dividend Strategy Meets October  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-19 15:49
[DB]   Deutsche Bank: Invest Now While The P/TBV Is Low  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-19 10:28
[DB]   Pre-Earnings Financials Review: Potential PitFalls (Video)  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Oct-19 18:28
[ING]   Rates Grinding Down Sentiment For ING  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-19 16:11
[DB]   Deutsche Bank Shrinking, Thanks To Low Interest Rates And Anemic EU Economy  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 20:21
[ING]   The Belgian Bull Portfolio: 2% Outperformance  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 10:26
[DB, ING]   Commerzbank - A Bet That Hasn't Worked, Time To Cut Losses  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Sep-19 13:29
[BCS, CS, DB, ING, UBS]   UniCredit - Successful De-Risking Yet To Be Rewarded: 25% Upside  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Sep-19 12:05
[HSBC]   HSBC - Why I'm Still A Buyer  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Sep-19 12:29
[DB]   Deutsche Bank Is Now Moving In The Right Direction  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Sep-19 14:10
[ING]   Portfolio Update And Trade Ideas  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Sep-19 13:44
[LYG, RBS]   Royal Bank Of Scotland: Low Risk, High Discounts  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Sep-19 07:13
[ING]   The Belgian Bull: The Portfolio Of A Belgian Investor, September 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Sep-19 19:15
[SCGLY]   Expectations For Societe Generale Have Dropped To A Point Where Outperformance Seems More Likely  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Sep-19 14:55
[BCS]   Barclays - A Brexit-Britain Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Sep-19 13:00
[SAN]   Bellus Health Seeks $60 Million U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Sep-19 14:45
[DB]   The Vice Grip On Deutsche Bank Just Tightened  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Aug-19 10:00
[BCS, LYG, RBS]   Barclays Has 50% Upside And A Nice Margin Of Safety  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Aug-19 09:56
[DB, ING]   July High Even More Divergent For Financials (Video)  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Aug-19 10:23
[SCGLY]   Swedish Steel: A Steel Producer Operating In The Shadow Of The Big Boys  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Aug-19 07:30
[LYG]   Lloyds: 5-Year Lows Means Brexit Fears Priced In; Safe 6.4% Dividend Yield  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Aug-19 14:00
[LYG]   Lloyds: Brexit Fears Priced In, Safe Dividend  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Aug-19 14:00
[CS, UBS]   Credit Suisse: Delivering On Its Promise, 20% Upside  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Aug-19 20:36
[BCS]   Borr Drilling Proposes Terms For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jul-19 16:42
[SAN]   Revisiting Ingenico: 5 Months And Almost 100% Later  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jul-19 07:30
[DB]   Deutsche Bank: The (Liquidity) Writing Is (Not) On The Wall  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 15:43
[SAN]   Banco Santander: Looking Forward To The Dividend Announcement  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Jul-19 11:25
[DB]   Not So Common Fixed Income Preview  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jul-19 20:55
[DB]   A More Radical Solution For Deutsche Bank  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jul-19 16:00
[DB]   Fluidra: Expect A 12% CAGR EBITDA Growth Over The Next 3 Years  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jul-19 07:30
[CS, DB, UBS]   Banks And Leveraged Loans: Which Are Most Exposed  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jul-19 12:51
[DB]   Deutsche Bank: If It Didn't Exist, Nobody Would Invent It  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jul-19 19:55
[BCS]   11 Financial Large Cap Value Stocks To Consider  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jul-19 07:26
[DB]   Deutsche Bank: Radical But Maybe Not Enough  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Jul-19 14:51
[DB]   TD Ameritrade Is A Bet On Successful M&A, Rather Than Organic Business Growth  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Jul-19 10:21
[HSBC, SAN]   Intercorp Financial Services Prepares For U.S. IPO  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jul-19 13:34
[DB, ING]   Renewi: High-Risk High-Reward?  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jul-19 07:30
[DB]   Deutsche Bank: Still On The Sidelines, Even More Than Before  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jul-19 20:33
[ING]   Buzzi Unicem: An Italian Company With A Strong Balance Sheet  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jul-19 07:30
[CS, DB, SAN]   Credit Suisse: A Stumble On CCAR Won't Hold This Stock Back  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Jul-19 09:40
[ING]   My GARP Picks - Part I  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jun-19 13:56
[ING]   ING: Buying Commerzbank Now Makes Overwhelming Sense  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jun-19 17:03
[CS, DB, UBS]   Goldman Sachs - Moving From Wall Street To Main Street  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Jun-19 11:51

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