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[OAS]   Oasis Petroleum Parched But Could Come Back  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Sep-19 15:13
[UNG]   Money Talk Portfolio Update  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Sep-19 11:54
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Currently More Revenue From Oil Than Natural Gas  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Sep-19 08:19
[DVN]   Materials And Energy Dashboard - Update  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Sep-19 17:25
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Stock Anticipates Armageddon  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Sep-19 16:46
[OAS]   Matador Resources Not Prioritizing Investor Returns  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Sep-19 12:10
[CHK]   Chesapeake: Do Not Try To Catch This Falling Knife  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Aug-19 15:45
[SM]   The Worst Performing Energy Stocks YTD - August 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Aug-19 18:17
[OAS]   Commentators Are Wrong; It's More The 10-Year Rate Than Inversion. Also, I Like Dick's  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Aug-19 12:03
[CHK, UNG]   Buy What Exxon Bought At A Historic Discount  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Aug-19 16:33
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Recovery Begins Just As Mr. Market Throws In The Towel  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Aug-19 13:04
[DVN]   Iran Escalation, Fed Or China Deal Could Drive Oil Higher Soon  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Aug-19 11:44
[CHK, OAS, SM]   Marathon Oil Hits The Wall But Keeps Going  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Aug-19 00:40
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Is A Broken Stock, Not A Broken Company  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Aug-19 09:00
[CHK]   The Real Reason Chesapeake Energy Is Imploding  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Aug-19 15:00
[DVN]   E&P Tier One Producers Club #19-1: Everybody Hurts  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Jul-19 09:52
[CHK, DVN]   Antero Resources' Case For The Number One Position In Your Equity Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Jul-19 07:30
[OAS, SM]   E&P Middle Of The Road Club #19-2: Landslide!  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jul-19 09:00
[LNG]   Measuring Cheniere Energy Partners' Strength On My Investment Triangle  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 17:26
[LNG]   Measuring Cheniere Partners' Strength On My Investment Triangle  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 17:26
[DVN, SM]   Post-IPO Analysis: Liberty Oilfield Services Has Continued Doldrums Ahead  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 15:52
[CHK]   E&P Bottom Of The Barrel Club #19-2: 'How Low Can You Go?'  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Jul-19 10:17
[DVN]   For Oil Bulls, Canadian Natural Resources' Valuation Is Too Cheap To Ignore  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Jul-19 07:00
[CHK]   Cabot Oil & Gas: Great Company, Fair Price  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jul-19 17:27
[CHK]   Summer Rally Time At Chesapeake Energy  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jul-19 12:37
[LNG]   Range Resources: Too Cheap To Ignore  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jul-19 07:17
[CHK]   Southwestern Energy: Still A Potential Stock Of The Next Decade  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jul-19 20:17
[LNG]   Cheniere: Finally Profitable And Insulated Against Gas Price Volatility  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jul-19 23:46
[CHK, DVN, HK, OAS, SM]   E&P Mid-Year 2019 Recap: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Anniversary  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jul-19 09:30
[OAS]   Oasis Petroleum: A Look At Its 2019 Situation  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Jul-19 06:21
[CHK]   Time For California Resources Stock To Taxi For Takeoff  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Jul-19 05:16
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Is Set To Roar  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jul-19 10:07
[UNG]   Partnering With Pipeline Protesters  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Jun-19 22:08
[UNG]   Natural Gas Leaking, An Explosion May Be Looming. (Video)  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Jun-19 08:00
[DVN]   Montage Resources: Taking A Risk With A Promising Natural Gas Stock  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Jun-19 06:02
[DVN]   Largest Refinery In East Ablaze; Buy Marathon, PBF Energy, And Others  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Jun-19 09:59
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: I Increased My Shares By 50% Because Shares Are Undervalued And Oversold  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jun-19 09:30
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Can Make Money At These Prices And Lower  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jun-19 17:44
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Is Transforming Into An Oil Play  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jun-19 10:39
[HK]   Finding Abnormal Returns With The Russell Index Rebalancing Every June  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jun-19 10:23
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: I'll Buy Below $2  (Seeking Alpha)   22-May-19 08:09
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: There Is More Where That Came From  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-19 14:02
[UNG]   The May Money Talk Portfolio Review  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-19 12:21
[DVN]   Permian Pure Play Merger And Takeover Targets  (Seeking Alpha)   15-May-19 03:02
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Strong Performance For A Difficult Time  (Seeking Alpha)   10-May-19 11:08
[DVN]   My Thoughts On (New) Devon's Q1 Earnings  (Seeking Alpha)   1-May-19 19:47
[CHK]   Insiders Buy CLR, KMI And Other Energy Stocks - So Should You  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Apr-19 11:06
[LNG, UNG]   Money Talk Portfolio Update  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Apr-19 14:51
[CHK, DVN, HK, OAS, SM]   E&P 2019 Roundup: Capex, Production And Some Valuation Easter Eggs  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Apr-19 09:30
[HK]   Halcon Resources: A Review Of Its 2019 And 2020 Outlook  (Seeking Alpha)   19-Apr-19 02:54

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