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[OAS]   Weekly Barometer:¬†Momentum Gauges Near One-Year High As Breakouts Continue  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Feb-19 05:26
[DVN]   International Petroleum: This Low-Cost Producer Is A Bargain  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Feb-19 08:53
[CHK]   Why I Am Buying Chesapeake Energy Today  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Feb-19 21:08
[CHK]   Range Resources: 200% Upside Potential From The Rise Of Rational Shale Economics  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Feb-19 11:42
[DVN, OAS, SM]   With Low Oil Prices, Will Your Favorite Shale Company Prosper Or Flounder?  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Feb-19 11:54
[UNG]   American Energy Independence Is Imminent  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Feb-19 17:24
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Polar Vortex To The Rescue  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Feb-19 15:54
[LNG]   GasLog: European LNG Import Story Stronger Than Expected  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Jan-19 11:40
[LNG]   Why I Won't Invest In Cheniere  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Jan-19 08:59
[UNG]   CEOs Aren't Worried About The Shutdown - Yet  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jan-19 10:30
[UNG]   Asset Class Performance YTD Through 1/25 (ETF Matrix)  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jan-19 07:52
[OAS]   Dark Skies Ahead For Shale Oil Producers  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Jan-19 16:38
[CHK]   Positive Outlook For Chesapeake Energy  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jan-19 15:05
[CHK]   I Am So Convinced Chesapeake Energy Can Outperform In 2019, I Just Doubled My Position  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Jan-19 14:17
[LNG]   New Fortress Energy IPO: Expensive At 23x Sales  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Jan-19 16:35
[LNG]   Record LNG Capacity To Receive Green Light: Golar LNG Great Way To Play It  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jan-19 11:27
[CHK, DVN, OAS, SM]   E&P Middle Of The Road Club Q4 2018 Review:¬†A Dead Skunk  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jan-19 09:00
[DVN]   Continental Resources: A Study In Contrasts  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jan-19 06:59
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Production And Stock Price Roar Ahead  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jan-19 14:36
[CHK, HK]   E&P Bottom Of The Barrel Club Q4 Review: You Picked A Fine Time To Beat Me, Lucille  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Jan-19 09:15
[LNG]   Marketplace Authors' Top Picks For 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Jan-19 07:15
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Corp.: Massacre, What Should Investors Do Now?  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Dec-18 03:27
[CHK, UNG]   Antero Resources Shows Why Recent Natural Gas Price Weakness Is Overblown  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Dec-18 23:37
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Getting Interesting  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Dec-18 13:28
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy - The Baby Has Been Thrown Out With The Bathwater  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Dec-18 07:59
[OAS]   Oasis Petroleum - Recent Poor Stock Performance Hides Huge Potential  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Dec-18 15:30
[UNG]   When They Won't Accept That You Really Don't Know, Tell Them About Mo  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Dec-18 07:39
[CHK]   Insiders Are Stepping Up To The Plate For Chesapeake Energy  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Dec-18 10:47
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Archie Dunham Is At It Again  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Dec-18 08:58
[HK]   Halcon Resources: Complete Hedge Protection Below $50 Oil  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Dec-18 07:15
[CHK, LNG]   Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 54  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Dec-18 11:37
[LNG]   Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 53  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Dec-18 13:12
[OAS]   Oasis Petroleum: 2019 Growth May Moderate Despite Strong Well Level Results  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Dec-18 10:06
[HK]   The Oil Turn, Soaring Goose, And Value Traps  (Seeking Alpha)   30-Nov-18 12:16
[HK, OAS, SM]   Time To Put Halcon Out Of Its Misery  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Nov-18 07:28
[HK]   Halcon Resources May Benefit From Lower Oil Prices  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Nov-18 00:07
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Corp.: Putting Cash Flow Into Perspective  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Nov-18 13:24
[UNG]   Stock Exchange: Is Twitter The Blueprint For Success Through Differentiation During Challenging Market Conditions?  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Nov-18 10:48
[CHK]   How CEO And President Doug Lawler Benefits From The Chesapeake Energy Acquisition  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Nov-18 14:37
[CHK]   Reasons For Fed To Pause Rate Hikes - Cramer's Mad Money (11/20/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-18 07:36
[CHK, SM]   SilverBow Resources On Target With Eagle Ford Natural Gas  (Seeking Alpha)   20-Nov-18 13:24
[UNG]   Looking For Strength In Gas This Winter  (Seeking Alpha)   13-Nov-18 05:00
[CHK, DVN, UNG]   Has Everyone Become A Trader, FAANG Holder, Or DGI Investor?  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Nov-18 11:28
[DVN]   Devon Energy: I'm Bullish  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Nov-18 14:25
[OAS]   Oasis Petroleum: Growth Plans Remain On Track  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Nov-18 06:10
[CHK, DVN, OAS, SM]   CVI's Oil & Gas E&P Index: October's Bloodbath  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-18 12:42
[DVN]   Interactive Brokers - U.S. Fixed Income Calendar: The Week Ahead  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Nov-18 10:00
[CHK]   California Resources: EBITDAX Runs Far Ahead Of Cash Flow  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-18 15:00
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy: Grabbing The Cash Flow  (Seeking Alpha)   4-Nov-18 14:14
[CHK]   Chesapeake Energy Is A Strong Buy On The Drop  (Seeking Alpha)   1-Nov-18 20:55

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