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[PEI]   Fun With PEI: "Quick And Dirty" Liquidation Value  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Mar-20 15:17
[AHT]   The Market Crash Buy List  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Mar-20 10:34
[PLD]   How To Retire In 2020: Alternative Income  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Mar-20 09:00
[FR]   February Performance Of The Concentrated High Growth Dividend Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Mar-20 23:03
[PEI]   Fixed-Rate Preferred Stocks - Complete Review  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Mar-20 19:02
[PLD]   Retirement Series Part III: Mathematical And Practical Approaches To Fighting Inflation  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Feb-20 07:00
[FCH]   Fishing For Yield In A Low Rate Environment? Here's Where You Can Find It  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Feb-20 14:41
[FR]   My Market-Beating Portfolio: 41% Return In 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Feb-20 11:57
[PEI]   A Unique Opportunity To Examine Macerich  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Feb-20 11:19
[PEI]   Most Heavily Shorted Stocks - February 2020  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Feb-20 13:30
[PEI]   PREIT Preferred C Series Is A Gift With Its 11.2% Yield  (Seeking Alpha)   27-Jan-20 21:04
[PEI]   Introducing This Growing Dividend Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   23-Jan-20 00:43
[PEI]   The Protected Principal Retirement Portfolio: Preliminary Rebalancing - Part V. And We're Done  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jan-20 12:52
[PEI]   How To Boost Your Yields Using The 'Income Method'  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jan-20 09:30
[STWD, PMT]   2019 Full Year Report, 10% Yield; Total Return 26%, From A 100% High Yield Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-20 14:51
[AHT]   REITs 2020: What's Hot, What's Not  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jan-20 08:35
[STWD]   Retirement Strategy: Time To Tread Cautiously With High-Yield  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Dec-19 23:33
[AHT, PEI]   CoreCivic Might Be The Best Cheap REIT  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Dec-19 08:00
[PEI]   Simon Property: Let's Go To The Mall  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Dec-19 07:33
[AHT]   My 2019 Adventure In Preferred Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Dec-19 17:21
[STWD]   Starwood Property Trust: The Election Means Everything  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Dec-19 09:44
[PMT, STWD]   10% Yield: Why I 'Sleep Well At Night' With A 100% High-Yield Portfolio - Part 2  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Dec-19 10:53
[PLD]   The Top Large-Cap Sectors, Industries, And Stocks To Buy Now  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Nov-19 08:00
[PMT, STWD]   10% Yield; Why I 'Sleep Well At Night' With A 100% High Yield Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Nov-19 17:32
[SHO]   9 Mid-Cap Stocks From Graham Enterprising Investor Screen  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Nov-19 08:01
[PLD]   Why Warehouses Are Such Hot M&A Property  (Seeking Alpha)   31-Oct-19 06:03
[PLD]   I've Been Charting This Breakout, And Here We Are: Industrials And Cloud Tech Are Bottoming - Time To Tighten The Trading Plan  (Seeking Alpha)   28-Oct-19 14:23
[PEI]   Most Heavily Shorted Stocks - October 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Oct-19 12:24
[AHT]   Low ROIC And Poor Corporate Governance Put Safehold At Risk  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Oct-19 08:00
[PLD]   The Top Large-Cap Stocks To Buy This Week  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-19 11:44
[PMT]   Top Small-Cap Stocks To Buy Now  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-19 19:59
[PLD]   The Best Large-Cap Stocks To Buy Now  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-19 23:57
[LXP]   Best And Worst Mid-Cap Stocks Now  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-19 18:34
[PMT, STWD]   2019 Third Quarter Update, 10% Yield; Rare BUY-Signal Revealed, POT5.7 Release  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Oct-19 15:55
[PLD]   Prologis Poised To Capitalize On Rise In E-Commerce  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Sep-19 11:00
[STWD]   Colony Capital: Roadmap For Recovery  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Sep-19 11:58
[LXP]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - John's July Update: Capital Recycling And The Impact On Income  (Seeking Alpha)   5-Sep-19 12:57
[PEI]   Value Investing In Real Assets: Arbitraging The Public And Private Markets  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Sep-19 08:25
[PEI]   Misleading Headlines In The Mall Space - Things Are Actually Much Better  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Aug-19 14:41
[PEI]   Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Has Strong Built-In Growth: Fashion District Is The First Of Several High-Impact Projects  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Aug-19 11:09
[PEI]   Dominant Secondary Retail Assets And Washington Prime Group Are Relevant  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Aug-19 22:30
[PEI]   The Shopping Mall Is Not What It Used To Be - CBL Properties Can Make It  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Jul-19 15:40
[PEI]   Tanger Factory Outlet Centers: Stellar Management And Prudent Strategy Outweigh An Incorrectly Perceived Broken Model  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Jul-19 11:42
[AHT]   Fixed Rate Preferred Stocks - Complete Review  (Seeking Alpha)   3-Jul-19 16:05
[PMT, STWD]   2019 Half Year 10% Yield Update; Truth Behind High-Yield Is Revealed  (Seeking Alpha)   2-Jul-19 08:22
[PEI]   'Play Money' High Yield Portfolio Revisited  (Seeking Alpha)   26-Jun-19 08:32
[PLD]   Market Leadership Looks Different In This Rally  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Jun-19 09:34
[PEI]   Short-Sellers' Favorites: Highest Short Interest Stocks May 2019  (Seeking Alpha)   29-May-19 05:25
[PLD]   Amazon And Industrial REITs: An Incredible Tailwind, But Future Looks Cloudy  (Seeking Alpha)   2-May-19 09:46
[PMT]   Modern Monetary Theory And 20+% Dividend Yields On REML, MORL And MRRL  (Seeking Alpha)   29-Apr-19 04:01

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