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[SPY]   The Annuity Puzzle: How Big Is The Free Lunch Being Left On The Table?  (Seeking Alpha)   1 hour ago
[SPY]   Seasonality - Old And New January Effect  (Seeking Alpha)   3 hours ago
[SPY]   6 Most Recent Trends Within The Fixed Income Arena  (Seeking Alpha)   3 hours ago
[SPY]   Baby Bonds Complete Review  (Seeking Alpha)   18-Oct-18 05:47
[SPY]   Is Apple Too Expensive To Buy Now?  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-18 13:58
[SPY, XLP]   Philip Morris Places Bets On Health Benefits As Traditional Tobacco Contends With Legalized Cannabis  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-18 13:07
[SPY]   Which Leveraged ETFs Are Good Hedging Tools?  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-18 13:03
[SMH]   Myth Buster: The Definitive Primer On Valuations Part 1  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-18 11:07
[SPY]   A Short Note To Myself About Market Crises  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Oct-18 10:48
[SPY]   Stocks, Bonds, And The Dollar Are All About To Move Down Together  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-18 21:10
[SPY]   Gimme Shelter: High Beta Stocks Tend To Outperform When Rates Rise  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-18 11:13
[XLY]   Brunch, Craft Beer & Investing: Embracing Volatility & Managing Risk  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-18 08:14
[SPY]   Oil Industry Stocks: Why So Little Attention?  (Seeking Alpha)   16-Oct-18 07:29
[SPY]   Options Mispricing Snapshot - October 15, 2018  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 15:26
[FXI, SPY]   My Oh My, Has Fixed Income Really Died? - Part II  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 14:06
[SPY]   Market Correction Over? Market-Makers' Actions Suggest Yes  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 10:57
[SPY]   The Bearish Spread Signal For Stocks  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 10:48
[SPY, XLV, XLF, XLU, XLK]   Stocks Holding Up Market  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 10:02
[SPY]   The Hidden Bear Market  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 09:34
[SPY]   U.S. Vs. The World: Rolling Return Comparison  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 09:21
[SPY]   Performance And Valuation By Country  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 09:15
[SPY]   How Bad Was It?  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 09:15
[SPY]   Performance & Valuation By Country  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 09:15
[SPY]   3 Ways To Protect Your Portfolio From The Next Stock Market Correction  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 03:21
[SPY]   Protect Your Portfolio And Increase Returns By Focusing On Earnings Trends  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Oct-18 00:50
[SPY]   Growth And Momentum Continue 2018 Factor Leadership  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Oct-18 11:16
[SPY]   Hasenstab: Focus On Fundamentals In U.S., Emerging Markets  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Oct-18 10:28
[SPY]   Another Bond Rout - What's Next?  (Seeking Alpha)   12-Oct-18 14:12
[FXI, XLK, SPY, VXX, XLI]   My Oh My, Has Fixed Income Really Died?  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-18 18:24
[SPY]   What To Rely On When Markets Have A Mind Of Their Own  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-18 10:59
[SPY]   SPY: Even After Wednesday, It's Not Too Late To Hedge  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-18 10:02
[SPY]   Sell-Off Affords Another Opportunity To Evaluate Capital Defense  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-18 06:30
[SPY]   Value And Growth Stocks: The Case For Being Overweight In Both  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Oct-18 04:53
[SPY]   Bulletproof Investing Performance Update: Week 45  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-18 23:47
[SPY]   Higher Rates Will Hurt Stocks More Thank You Think (Part 2)  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-18 18:21
[SPY]   Higher Rates Will Hurt Stocks More Than You Think (Part 2)  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-18 18:21
[XLP]   Cautious Approach - Cramer's Mad Money (10/9/18)  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-18 07:39
[SPY]   Value Investing Is Not Dead: The Best Investment Strategy Is The One You Can Stick With  (Seeking Alpha)   10-Oct-18 05:44
[SPY]   The Importance Of Being Right And Honest  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-18 13:38
[SPY]   The Short-Term Expectation For Stock Prices  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-18 12:46
[XLF]   Interactive Brokers - U.S. Fixed Income Calendar: The Week Ahead  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-18 11:02
[XLE, XLF]   Alpine Holdings: A Value And Fundamentals Portfolio  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-18 10:59
[XME]   What's Next For Metals & Mining Companies?  (Seeking Alpha)   9-Oct-18 08:11
[SPY, USO]   Watch Out For Inflation: It Lurks Before It Spikes  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-18 18:24
[SPY]   Bonds Are On Pace For Their Worst Year In History  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-18 10:22
[USO, XLE]   ConocoPhillips Is An Elegant Play On Rising Oil Prices  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-18 09:51
[XLY]   Bonds: What You See Is What You Get  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-18 09:20
[SPY]   Bitcoin: Not For The Faint-Hearted Even When It Seems So Hated  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Oct-18 07:41
[SPY]   Get Outa This Market!  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-18 11:07
[SPY, XHB, XLU]   Homebuilders And Construction: The Most Affected Segment By Rising Rates/Yields  (Seeking Alpha)   7-Oct-18 08:40

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