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Relaxing Retirement Coach INSTITUTION : Relaxing Retirement Coach
Relaxing Retirement Coach Latest Top 20 Portfolio Holdings: (Filing Date: 2019-11-08) --- full portfolio
Company (links to holding history) Ticker Value On
No of Shares % of portfolio
ISHARES TR    (CORE S&P MCP ETF) IJH 24,070,000 124,599 7.43%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (US LRG CAP ETF) SCHX 19,229,000 271,218 5.94%
ISHARES TR    (CORE S&P500 ETF) IVV 16,054,000 53,795 4.96%
SPDR SERIES TRUST    (BLOMBRG BRC INTL) IBND 15,158,000 455,249 4.68%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (SHT TM US TRES) SCHO 15,127,000 299,157 4.67%
SPDR SERIES TRUST    (BLOMBERG BRC INT) BWZ 14,862,000 490,772 4.59%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (INTL SCEQT ETF) SCHC 13,071,000 411,047 4.03%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (INTL EQTY ETF) SCHF 12,631,000 396,316 3.90%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (SCHWB FDT INT LG) FNDF 12,437,000 451,204 3.84%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (INTRM TRM TRES) SCHR 12,147,000 218,510 3.75%
VANGUARD INDEX FDS    (SM CP VAL ETF) VBR 12,098,000 93,866 3.73%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (US REIT ETF) SCHH 11,275,000 238,959 3.48%
VANGUARD INDEX FDS    (MCAP VL IDXVIP) VOE 11,113,000 98,371 3.43%
ISHARES TR    (EAFE VALUE ETF) EFV 11,046,000 233,286 3.41%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (SCHWB FDT INT SC) FNDC 10,787,000 350,988 3.33%
VANGUARD INDEX FDS    (VALUE ETF) VTV 10,578,000 94,869 3.26%
ISHARES TR    (CORE S&P SCP ETF) IJR 10,418,000 133,827 3.21%
SPDR INDEX SHS FDS    (S&P EMKTSC ETF) EWX 9,400,000 216,171 2.90%
SCHWAB STRATEGIC TR    (EMRG MKTEQ ETF) SCHE 8,162,000 324,861 2.52%
SPDR SERIES TRUST    (BLOMBERG BRC INV) FLRN 7,538,000 245,103 2.32%

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